Monday, February 22, 2010

The 2010 Paybefore Awards Ceremony

Here are the best in category winners for the 2010 Paybefore Awards:

Best Consumer-Funded Program
Facecard MasterCard Teen Card
-edo Interactive
-Meta Payment Systems

Best General Purpose Reloadable Program
Green Dot GPR
-Green Dot Corporation

Best Network Branded Gift Program
New American Express Gift Card
-American Express

Best Closed-Loop or RAN Gift Program
Downtown Gift Card Program
-Downtown Boise Association

Best Prepaid Marketing Program
Bonus Alimentacion/Provis Alimentacion
-NovoPayment, Inc.
-Transferencia Electronica de Beneficios, C.A.

Best Corporate/Business-Funded Program: B2E
Payoneer Prepaid MasterCard
-Meta Payment Payment Systems

Best Corporate/Business-Funded Program: B2B
Visa InsurCard Program
-The Bancorp Payment Solutions Group

Best Corporate/Business-Funded Program: B2C
Just Energy Prepaid TruCa$h MasterCard
-DCR Strategies, Inc.

Best Corporate/Business-Funded Program: Transit
TransitChek Card
-TransitCenter, Inc.
-The Bancorp Payment Solutions Group

Best Government-Funded Program
-U.S. Bank

Best Third-Party Retail Program

Best Web Sales Channel
-Blackhawk Network

Best Card Design
Crystal Mosaic Cards
-Perfect Plastic Printing

Best Non-U.S.-Based Program
Vancouver 2010 Olympic Winter Games
-Citizens Bank of Canada
-Vancity Credit Union

Most Innovative Program
NetSpend Personal Financial Manager
-NetSpend Corporation

Best Virtual Card Program
Starbucks Card Mobile

2010 Individual Awards
Talbott Rochue
Senior Vice President, Blackhawk Network

Gary L. Palmer
Co-Founder, WildCard Systems Prepaid Advocate and Entrepreneur

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Anonymous said...

You are Best Corporate/Business-Funded Program: B2E :)

Keep working good!

Anonymous said...

payoneer are useless

Unknown said...

I think that adclose is useless. Payoneer provide good service to those people who cannot use services like PayPal or get money directly to their bank