Thursday, December 11, 2008

Coffee Republic starts prepaid card and loyalty program

Coffee Republic, a coffee chain based in the UK, has teamed with sQuid eMoney Service to start a prepaid card and loyalty program for its stores. They intend for the prepaid cards to replace cash purchases in the fast-food market. The service is arleady available in London, but will expand to other stores early next year.

Peter Breach, Coffee Republic chairman, had this to say about the new program:
“The sQuid eMoney service gives us the ability to reward our customers at the same time as making their life easier at the point of purchase. We wanted to move on from the loyalty-only card; we needed contactless, and an ability to extend an online relationship with our customers meant that sQuid was the obvious partner.”

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Unknown said...

A prepaid card is GREAT! They are so useful and very easy to use.