Thursday, May 28, 2009

Prepaid Cards Offers the Best Deal in Foreign Currency

This latest post on discusses how many Britons are failing to realize that they will save more money purchasing foreign currency if they use prepaid credit cards, according to FairFx. Stephen Heath, FairFx's CEO, mentions "Will 2009 be the year that travellers wake up to the savings they can make by using a prepaid card for all their holiday spending?" Do you think we will see more and more Britons use prepaid cards for their foreign currency purchases?

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1 comment:

Patrick Roe, SCL said...

Travel money cards will definitely help to validate the whole concept of prepaid, especially as most of the mainstream travel agents are now offering cards to their customers instead of (or as well as) travellers cheques or foreign currency.

Maybe then we will see the broader acceptance of prepaid in gifting, unbanked and other sectors that has been long anticipated but not materialised to the same extent as in the US.