Monday, January 11, 2010

Prepaid Expo USA 2010 Speaker Profile: Arkadi Kuhlmann

Arkadi Kuhlmann
ING Direct

Arkadi Kuhlmann may be the most important business thinker you’ve never heard of. Taking the staid world of retail banking by storm, his company – ING Direct–is one of the most remarkably successful companies in the world today. Starting from scratch, ING Direct is now America’s largest Internet bank, and one of the thirty largest banks of any sort. But the ING Direct story that Kuhlmann tells is not about banking. It’s about a new approach to business strategy and the power of disruptive ideas. He focuses on how the ING Direct Brand – from the moment of inception – permeated leadership, strategy and marketing; essentially, how he transformed branding into a potent strategic template. Kuhlmann has helped change the role of enterprise into something more: not just a company, but a cause.

Kuhlmann will be presenting the keynote speech "How Ing Direct Succeeded By Being A Rebel With A Cause: Driving Success Through Innovation," Monday, February 22, 2010. For more information, on Kuhlmann's speech and other presentations, download the Prepaid Expo 2010 brochure here.

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