Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Prepaid Surveys... everyone has an opinion

There is no shortage of research touting the strength of Prepaid... and just today, two different reports on prepaid were released.

Prepaid Expo will host no less than two sessions that reveal new US-consumer based research AND a global look at Prepaid opportunities (check as the session information is released).

Who has the most credibility? Who has the best methodology? Let's just hope that the industry lives up to its promises of the headlines of this study, by MasterCard and Boston Consulting Group:

U.S. Branded Prepaid Opportunity Will More Than Triple by 2017, Surpassing $440 Billion
MasterCard-commissioned study shows U.S. market will remain the largest branded prepaid segment in the world, holding 53 percent of overall market share

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Andrew said...

It seems nowadays everyone has there own opinion on prepaid cards. As users start turning away from credit due to the recession, it looks as prepaid will steadily soar.

Unknown said...

Prepaid cards have really taken off over the past few years. What is the next opportunity that will come out of this growth?

Celeste said...

If we can find a way to eliminate many of the fees attached to prepaid cards, I think the growth rate would significantly increase. Adding fees to prepaid cards only hurts the consumers who need this service.