Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Prepaid TV™ Explores Activation Strategy and New Solutions

Conventional Card or Emerging Modality? Activation Optimization Is Key!

Be it off the rack in a store, printable voucher via email, or even QR codes as stored value wallets, the ability to securely deliver, activate, track and analyze prepaid products is an increasingly complex proposition.

Episode 5 of Prepaid TV™—the official streamcast network of Prepaid Expo—features Jonathan Treiber, CEO of RevTrax, in a three-part interview on activation and risk mitigation in a hard card industry verging on virtual and mass mobile.

Part One overviews activation solutions being deployed by prepaid providers to prevent fraud and improve security for both analogue and digital products.

Part Two explores the “chicken/egg” market adoption dilemma associated with activation in emerging prepaid platforms.

Part Three dives into infrastructure and network support issues facing merchants and processors as consumers cross the digital divide.

Tune in to the latest installment of Prepaid TV™ here.

Coming soon: Episode 6 of Prepaid TV™ features Terry Xie, Director of Mercator’s International Advisory Service, who will take us inside China’s rapidly expanding prepaid market.

Prepaid TV™ is an executive interview series featuring the leading voices in prepaid today, along with a few rising stars that you should know about.

Each month, we’ll deliver fresh insights and answers from a variety of perspectives—networks, banks, retailers, programs and providers—on the forward-facing issues that matter most to the prepaid industry.

Prepaid TV™ is produced by Prepaid Expo, the world’s largest gathering of closed- and open-loop prepaid professionals.

This series marks yet another step in Prepaid Expo’s commitment to deliver year-round access to key executives and thought leaders, so stay tuned!

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