Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Test Drive a Mobile Expert: Q&A with Ido Ophir, VP of Product Management, Personetics

At the 7th Annual Prepaid Expo taking place this year in Las Vegas, Nevada, on March 12-13, 2012, attendees will have the opportunity to schedule one-on-one meetings with experts from an array of Prepaid specialties.

We recently, interviewed Ido Ophir, VP of Product Management at Personetics, who will be our featured expert on the topic of Mobile: A New Type of Customer Service Experience. Here is what we discussed below:

What are the (1-3) most pressing issues/trends in your subject area that prepaid professionals should consider and/or watch closely in the coming year?

1. The need to be able to scale their business to address the market trend (prepaid is gaining market share). Are you ready?
2. Defining support strategies that deliver outstanding service – more economically

What are the 3 most commonly asked questions/concerns you hear from clients?

1. Now that prepaid cards are becoming more mainstream, the importance of quality service and delivery is paramount.
2. How can I do more with less (customer satisfaction vs. cost)
3. How will this product help me standout?
4. Can I deploy the same service in multiple channels?

What is/are the most common mistake(s) or oversight(s) people make in the prepaid space related to your area of specialization? Can you please share an anecdote as an example?

1. Not enough emphasis on customer service
2. Adding more and more IVR menu options instead of predicting the reason for a customer call - Too many customers getting lost in the IVR tree
3. Disparate and inconsistent customer experience across different channels


Challenge: A large card issuer offers banking products, prepaid and virtual cards. There are more than 3 million cards in circulation and agreements with more than 100,000 merchants. The institution wanted to expand self service capabilities across all channels to differentiate itself on the quality of its customer experience. A call analysis in the prepaid card space revealed that 60% of calls were about reloading, PIN or password issues, general program questions, and balance/deposit/transactions questions.

Results: The Personetics Digital Banker was installed and within four weeks, call containment by the tool was at 40%. After 12 weeks, it was 50% and after 20 weeks, it was 55%. Customers who used the self-service option, very satisfied and ratings improved regarding customer experience.

About Ido:
Ido Ophir is responsible for bringing Personetics' products to market. Mr. Ophir oversees a team of subject matter experts and product managers, crafting a roadmap for Personetics technology and business solutions. Prior to joining Personetics, Mr. Ophir held the roles of VP of Strategic Accounts and VP of Product Management at Actimize. Prior to Actimize, Mr. Ophir was VP of Product Development at Always-On, Inc.

You can schedule a meeting with Ido Orphir at Prepaid Expo here, if you need help understanding how to provide an intelligent customer service interaction through technology that anticipates your customer’s needs.

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