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Welcome to the 25 prepaid facts blog series

English: 'I'm Lovin It' — HM1(FMF) Fred Turner...
 I'm Lovin It' — HM1(FMF) Fred Turner swipes his gift card in McDonald's new card machine, April 4. The new machine now allows customers to use debit, credit or gift cards to purchase food. (Photo: Wikipedia)
For the next several weeks, there will be a series of informative blog posts on the fascinating but evolving world of prepaid cards. Each post written will be an extension of a previous blog post: The “25 intriguing thingsyou should know about prepaid cards” post offered insightful information pertaining to the growing usage of prepaid cards. In the post, the facts included the abundance amount of money being filled on the prepaid cards, the high volume usage between the different incomes and the new way to pay for items.

With this new series, I will be able to go a little deeper into those fun facts and  offer some insights. The topics will be filled with variety with the hope that they will cause you to think about our changing world. The posts will make you wonder what it would be like if cash was virtually nonexistent (like the penny). Others will make you think how it would to interact with one another only using your debt or credit card. By interaction, I mean the idea of owing someone money and cash is not available, you may use your card. And imagine that only your phone would be used when purchasing items. These are just a few teasers for what is to come.

Prepaid is an ever expanding industry and the ideas mentioned before could be very possible for in the next few years to come. Granted, the extinction of cash is highly unlikely to happen in our lifetime (or is it?), however, stores using only gift cards and meters allowing people to use their cards instead of putting coins are already a reality. Most people now only carry their cards; they simply do not carry cash on them, they rather just use their card. Soon we all will wake up one day and things that seem so abstract to most people will become reality.

And, this is what the series will be about. So over the next few weeks I invite you, the reader, to be intrigued by the posts provided and imagine the way the world will be changing and the way the prepaid cards space is converging with other industries..

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