Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Prepaid Expo 2013: Agenda Now Available for Download!

The prepaid world has gotten more crowded – and complicated – lately. And the rapid-fire competitive innovation and lingering regulatory uncertainties show no signs of abating. With new players cropping up to take advantage of the great opportunities in payments, it’s critical that you stay ahead of the competition in the year ahead.

How does the Prepaid Expo help you do business? For 8 years, the Prepaid Expo has served as THE gathering for the prepaid and payments community. In 2013, we’re kicking everything up a notch, with MORE opportunities for networking and meetings, MORE sessions, and MORE solutions to the industry’s most pressing concerns.

Download the 2013 brochure now for full details. And if you register by Friday November 9th, you’ll save up to $800. This is the lowest price offered for the Expo!

What Are the Threats to Your Business? How Will You Flourish at this Critical Moment? All your burning questions will be answered at Prepaid Expo 2013.

Pre-Conference, start the Expo at a turbo-charged pace, with association meetings or workshops covering everything from the latest knowledge on mobile, security and fraud for veterans to the basics of prepaid programs for industry newcomers.

Day 1 dissects the Future of Prepaid in Payments, and how to capitalize on the evolution now.
Which technologies are fixtures or fads?
How will technological disruptors change the landscape of payments?
How do I bullet-proof my company for changes ahead?
How can I capture the imagination and spending power of techno-savvy millennials?

Day 2 hones in on tackling the biggest challenges to prepaid today and crafting solutions and actionable plans.
What’s in the regulatory pipeline, how can I clarify guidelines and what implementation will mean?
Amid downward pressures in pricing, how can I innovate my business model to improve my margins?
What causes churn in GPR, and how can I strengthen my relationship with customers?
How will I energize the gift card category and motivate brick-and-mortar employees to promote gift card sales?
Are contactless payments complementary or cannibalizing, and which technology will prevail?
Amid the mobile hype, which technology will compel consumers to change their payment preference?

Day 3 focuses on growing your business to the next level to maintain relevance through the payments evolution.
What are the opportunities I am missing, and how can I execute on them?
How can I handle infrastructure challenges when expanding my prepaid program globally, and which products make the most sense for which geographies?
What are the secrets to keeping a loyalty program top-of-mind when customers juggle an average of 11 loyalty memberships?
How can I reach the underserved and build a bridge to consumers who are wary of traditional banking or financial institutions?
What’s the B2B landscape, and how can incentives be tailored for maximum impact?

Register by Friday November 9th for Best Rates!

Download the agenda now for full details on all the sessions, speakers and opportunities to grow your business at the Expo. And make sure you register by Friday, November 9th to save up to $800. This is the lowest price offered for the Expo!

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