Thursday, July 24, 2008

MasterCard RePower introduced to Europe

As reported by AllPayNews, Altair Financial Services has joined forces with MasterCard to introduce the first prepaid card system to Europe that uses MasterCard Repower. The first company to issue the cards will be Newcastle Building Society in spring 2009.

This comes just after MasterCard recently announced that they had formed an alliance with Payzone, who is a vendor that provides convenient places for prepaid card users to refill their cards with cash. MasterCard is making a push for giving unbanked Europeans a way to easily load their cards around the UK.

Lee Briton, Altair CEO, had this to say about their partnership:

“MasterCard rePower will bring a valuable service to millions of unbanked and financially underserved individuals throughout Europe. MasterCard rePower will enable issuers and acquirers to reach emerging markets, broaden acceptance opportunities, convert cash purchases to card transactions and to take advantage of the rapidly growing market for prepaid products.”

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