Tuesday, October 28, 2008

NZ Attempts To Crack Down on Crimnals

The New Zealand Herald will report tomorrow that a call to register prepaid cards to reduce criminal activity by the police has been deemed an “unnecessary intrusion into people's lives,” by Auckland Council for Civil Liberties president Barry Wilson. According to Wilson,

“this was not just a case where only criminals would have something to fear from being registered. Cellphones are lost or stolen so often, and they are also passed on or sold at garage sales on a regular basis," Mr Wilson said. "If people who end up with the phones then use it for criminal activity the original registered owner can get caught up in a police inquiry and that can be very stressful."
Mr Wilson wondered if such a register would require anyone who sells or hands a phone on to go through paperwork similar to that needed for vehicles."That would just require another level of bureaucracy, and it would be yet another intrusion on people's privacy."

What do you think of this measure to register prepaid cards suggest by NZ police?

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