Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Altair wins innovation award

The 2008 OSCARDs awared Altair the Best Technology award for their innovative work with the Contactless Prepaid Watch.

Altair CEO Lee Britton had this to say about his award:
“Altair has been at the forefront of contactless prepaid cards since 2007. The ability to offer this product provides a staging point and proving ground for the delivery of further key industry innovations. Contactless non-card form factors are a practical proposition for live consumer programs in a variety of industry sectors that will benefit from increased sales and revenue as a result of the deployment of Contactless Watches. Working with leading industry players such as CardPOS Europe, LAKS and ID Data has allowed us to identify and validate the technology road map for the next generation of innovative, flexible card industry products.”

For more on the award, visit finchannel.com.

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