Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Virginia's Ban on Prepaid Card Donations Clears Panel

Prepaid card donations are a particular hazard in Virginia, reports The Daily Press. The state is one of only five with no limit on campaign contributions; it relies instead on disclosure to hold candidates and donors accountable. The problem with using prepaid cards for donations lies in the anonymity that prepaid cards can offer their owners. Should the prepaid funds be from a foreign investor, this allow anyone to influence the elections in Virginia's government.

The bill being passed through Virginia's government includes:

Ban all gifts to all lawmakers, from the smallest cup of coffee to pro football tickets and hunting junkets that turn up perennially in legislative and lobbyist disclosure reports.

Limit individual contributions to legislative candidates to $1,000 per candidate per election cycle;

Limit contributions to candidates for statewide office such as governor or attorney general to $2,500 per candidate every four-year cycle.

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