Monday, December 7, 2009

IFX travel currency card – facts and figures

For individuals travelling throughout different countries, finding an affordable way to keep track of money exchanges can be difficult. IFX travel currency card offers individuals a way to track their spending and not worry about being robbed for their cash. discusses the card, the IFX MasterCard Prepaid Currency card is available in Euro and US Dollar and can be used in 28 million locations worldwide, including over 1.5 million ATMs. Card members can manage your money abroad via SMS, online or by phone. It uses chip and pin for extra security and blocks reported stolen or lost cards.

The maximum balance for eccount is £5,000 and US Dollar and Euro cards are available on the same eccount.

What do you think about IFX travel currency card? Is it a good option for consumers?

IFX travel currency card – facts and figures

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