Friday, July 2, 2010

QR at the Prepaid Expo?

While planning for the 2011 Prepaid Expo, we're looking at ways to keep the event operations innovative and customer friendly. It was suggested that we have some sort of electronic, instantly update-able agenda onsite... like a QR code on a poster.

Among the many things we're looking into for the 2011 event is whether or not enough people have QR readers on their phones-- or would be willing to download a free QR reader-- to have such a code posted around the event. Attendees would scan/ take a picture of the code and automatically be directed to program updates, on the fly. Pretty cool and convenient.

The Prepaid Expo crowd is pretty tech savvy... but is this a little too ahead of the game?* Let us know your thoughts!

*Of course QR is as old hat as the microwave in Japan. It's time to get with the program!

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