Monday, March 7, 2011

Live from Prepaid Expo 2011: General Colin Powell

We're in Orlando, blogging directly from Prepaid Expo 2011 and Gen. Colin Powell is on stage delivering his keynote address: Leadership: Taking Charge:

“One day, you’re secretary of staff and one day, you ain’t.” He's just another regular guy now but here is what he's learned about the world, leadership, and business along the way.

He enjoys speaking because he stays in touch with reality the nation is facing by connecting with people outside of DC.

"There is still a confidence in our country. We will come through because of a deep faith in our country, because of who we are."

"Comprise, consensus and keep the country moving forward like our founding fathers did."

He is a VC now. Where is technology taking us he wonders? He does it to keep up with a world that is increasingly digital. In order to keep up with his grandchildren.

“Papi, gotta get you a twitter and a facebook page” [His 16-year old grandson tells him.]

His organic facebook page garnered 30k fans on its own before he was aware it existed.

“Never believe you can’t make it!”

“Don’t miss what it is behind you, always look through the front windshield of life.”

All the barriers that use to keep people separated are now gone.

Every nation touches us, we touch every nation, that is what makes the united states great.

We cannot change who we are. We cannot let terrorists change us.

How do you inspire followers? How do you get people to do what you want them to do?
They need goals and vision.
Something they can believe.
Purpose is even better.

But how can we offer them something purposeful to believe in?

Higher purpose for prepaid? How will you better the lives of those who use your prepaid services?

And: How are you going to take care of your staff?

Believe in another human being: give them what they need to accomplish the job they need to get done.

Selflessness, moral courage, ethics, integrity are what makes great leaders. Troops will follow whole-heartedly.

Commend your staff: tell them they are doing a great job.

You know you are doing a good job, when your team follows you no matter what because they trust you.

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