Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Prepaid Profile: Alex Hunter

Alex Hunter is the keynote speaker at next week's The Gift Card, Gift Voucher and Reloadable Card Summit in London.

For those of you not familiar with Alex Hunter, we present his Prepaid Profile:

Alex Hunter is the former Global Head of Online Marketing at the VIRGIN GROUP, and Brand Consultant and Digital Marketing Guru.

He "served as an adviser to the Prince of Wales’ Rainforest Trust specifically around the use of social media and was featured in the best-selling book The Whuffie Factor. He is a SeedCamp mentor, who splits his time between the UK and Northern California and regularly blogs at TripHunter, which combines tech with global travel."

You follow him on Twitter @cubedweller and check out more of his work below:
Brand Reputation Management 
The DOs and DO NOTs of Brand

Alex Hunter will be sharing his ideas on social engagement, digital marketing and the leveraging user-driven content vis a vis Prepaid inititatives and powering brands during his discussion on Harnessing the Power of the Social Web to Take on the World: Customer Loyalty in the Digital Age on March 30th at The Gift Card, Gift Voucher and Reloadable Card Summit.

We hope to you there and look forward to your feedback.

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