Thursday, February 27, 2014

Prepaid Debit Cards: Safety & Security in Logistics Warehousing

Guest Post by ODW Logistics 

Third-party logistics providers work to ensure that the supply chain management of prepaid debit cards includes consumer protection. Safety and security are important factors when handling this sensitive product.

 Here are some factors to consider:

  • To be a sophisticated provider, the first area of protection starts with the warehouse entrance gate. All visitors and employees are registered to keep potential security threats at bay.
  • Other important safety and security precautions to consider in a prepaid products warehouse provider include: automatic police dispatch, alarm fitted fire doors with a safe escape, trip hazard floors, semi annual inspections on equipment to ensure everything is working properly, disaster recovery plans and required certifications.
  • Hiring trustworthy employees to join your staff is quite possibly the most important factor.  Your product and customers are not going to be safe if your 3PL does not screen employees and verify they undergo the correct training.  
Each prepaid fulfillment operation will have its own characteristics based on customer demand. When choosing a 3PL or other fulfillment company to manage your prepaid products, some or all of these factors may or may not apply.


Guest post by All Payments Expo exhibitor, ODW Logistics

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