Wednesday, July 2, 2014

The Crypto Awards @ APEX Digital Currency Partnerships

The Crypto Awards
@ APEX Digital Currency Partnerships

September 8th | 4pm

Join us as we recognize the contributions of the:
• leading innovators and disruptors building the future of the financial services, payments & investing infrastructure
• trail blazers legitimizing the industry to the rest of the financial services world
• entrepreneurs lassoing this new technology to do real good for under-developed communities and constituencies
• future leaders of payments and financial services

1. Best Retail Application of Cryptocurrency:
For the top company or platform that is enabling retailers to embrace cryptocurrency. We’re looking for great innovators who are re-thinking the way merchants process payments, manage loyalty, interact with customers – and how cryptocurrency plays a role. Open to company or an individual product. Credit goes to the CEO of the companies involved.

2. Leading Investor:
For those who are putting their money where their mouths are an investing in the cryptocurrency space. We are not only looking for the silent wallets – we’re looking for the true believers who have an innate sense of where the industry is headed, and its untapped opportunities. Awarded to an individual, not a firm.

3. Biggest Global Impact:
How is cryptocurrency changing the world and making its inhabitants safer, better-educated and more prosperous? We want to hear about the charities, nonprofits or for a company that funneled cryptocurrency to a charitable cause. Applications can include those that better emerging markets, aid disaster victims, etc.

4. Trailblazer:
Our MVP of the industry, this award is reserved for who the industry chooses as its most influential person in digital currency. Awarded to an individual who has made sizable and measurable contributions to the acceptance of Bitcoin.

5. Rising Star:
Cryptocurrency is known for its young, vibrant entrepreneurs who are hell-bent on changing the guts of the financial system. Now’s your chance to pinpoint the most influential digital currency market maker under the age of 25.

6. Best Crypto Partnership:
The key to mass adoption for cryptocurrency lies at the partnerships the industry’s leaders create with established payments, banking and investment players. We want to see the best of the crypto-mainstream mash-ups. This will be awarded to the CEOs/senior leaders of 2 companies.

The nomination process:
Nominations can be submitted online. Nominate your crypto stand-outs, and why you think they deserve the nod. Nominations are free and are open now, the voting closes on July 31st. Submit your nominations here.

Nominations must include:
• Name of nominated organization
• Name of award
• A brief synopsis (250 words) on why the nominee meets the core criteria for the category

We'll turn the nominations over to our speaker voting board, who will choose the shortlist of nominees. This shortlist will be available to the public for voting on August 18th and voting will close September 5th.

The winner of each award will be announced live at APEX Digital Currency Partnerships on September 8th to the entire event audience. We encourage all nominees be present for the announcement.

Winners will receive:
• A prominent profile on the event website
• Profile in post event email campaign
• Interview post event which will be distributed on our social media channels
• Crypto Awards logo to use on your own website / marketing material

For questions on the awards, please contact Michellee Nelson at 646-895-7406 or

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