Monday, September 21, 2009

Mercator's Latest Research Shows Growth in Open Loop Prepaid Card Market

This post from PR-Inside highlights how Mercator's 6th Annual Network Branded Prepaid Market Assessment shows that prepaid has been growing during the economic downturn and will continue to grow after as well.

Tim Sloane, Vice President of Client Services and Director of Mercator Advisory Group's Prepaid Advisory Service mentions:

"Mercator Advisory Group believes the prepaid industry will continue to show growth in 2009. However, being in the right channel with the right product is becoming critical to the growth of prepaid products and represents a significant volume opportunity for issuers. It is clear to Mercator that no other payments market is riding out the current economic downturn as effectively as prepaid and I can't think on any better payments market to be in during a recession."

Make sure to check out the post for some highlights of the full report.

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