Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Prepaid Expo in Perspective: An Infographic

As payments, consumer desires and form factors continue to evolve, the prepaid industry is charged with solidifying its strategies in the changing landscape.

Demographics are shifting. New advancements in technology are emerging, seemingly overnight. Regulatory uncertainties linger. But these big changes also mean big opportunities.

Prepaid Expo, the longest-running and most comprehensive event for prepaid professionals, has evolved to reflect the industry’s most pressing issues.

Since 2006, Prepaid Expo has served as THE meeting place for industry professionals to address industry pain points and connect with potential partners to take business to the next level of profitability and scalability. And over the years, Prepaid Expo has become a hub for the industry to connect and partner throughout the year, thanks to our executive report series and growing membership on LinkedIn, Facebook, YouTube and Twitter.

Prepaid Expo’s past echoes the industry’s evolution, and our future is in step with the opportunities burgeoning on the horizon.

Take a look back through the Expo’s history – and find out why it’s the prepaid industry’s #1 proven meeting place. Click to enlarge

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