Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Live From All Payments Expo & FinTech Partnerships - Morning of Day 3

Kicking off the last day of APEX - Ready, Set, Gamification! How Games Transform Financial Services and Shopping

Nick Maynard - D2D
Arlyn Davich - Payperks
Stessa Cohen - Gartner
Bill Dwight -Famzoo
Priya Haji - SaveUp

Key Takeaways:

Encourage kids to save - parents define income stream and generate the interest.

Games are struggling for adoption - how do we get the 'candy crush moment'?

Testing the social features...what are your friends doing? How do you compare?

Don't force sharing into online communities - people don't want to share savings goals with friends. That is way too personal. 

Don't make your customer think "it's only a game" because that will turn them away. People want to be taken seriously. 

The word gameification is going to go away - it's about innovation and this is just the word for it. It will just become the standard soon. 

Notifications teach better banking for children. Alerts develop awareness. 

Gameification - we don't actually like this term - we care about real world financial outcomes measured through demonstrated behaviors for low to moderate income families

Healthcare industry in general is way ahead - FitBit, Nike+, and Jawbone Up - special badges and achievements for users that create a sense of accomplishment. 

When will the payments industry adapt?

Thank you to the outstanding panel and thank you for everyone who followed along with the All Payments Expo. We look forward to seeing you next year!

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