Monday, August 25, 2008

Gift Card Rescue: A new way to use gift cards

At All Pay News, they recently took a look at the new service for gift cards: Gift Card Rescue. This new service provides a way for consumers to receive cash or trade unwanted gift cards. They have over 30 available brands of gift cards available for exchange, or you can receive cash for up to 20% the amount of the gift card.

Will a site like this change the gift card industry? We’ve heard about the amount of money wasted on unused gift cards, now a company is looking to capitalize on that. What are your thoughts?

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1 comment:

Ben said...

Gift Card Rescue provides a great service when you want to buy a gift card you can do it there for less! Saving money has never been as easy. They make great gifts but personally I have been using the larger valued gift cards to make smaller purchases at stores.