Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Ohio Target for Social Security Prepaid Cards

We recently informed you in one of our posts about the use of prepaid cards as a method of payment for Social Security. Recently, as this article mentions, Ohio has become one of the states that the U.S. government wants using their prepaid option. Currently, those who use paper checks sometimes pay up to $25 per check in order to have it cashed. Alvina McHale, spokeswoman of the U.S. Treasury Financial Management Service, released this statement:

''You [Ohio] are clearly at the top of our lists in terms of states we want to reach out to''

The reason for Ohio as a target is because the state is ranked 5th highest for the number of individuals who still use paper checks instead of alternative forms. In another statement McHale also informs citizens that:

“Any Social Security recipient, including those who already get payments directly deposited into their bank accounts, can request the debit card, but the ''unbanked'' recipients are being targeted”

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