Thursday, September 18, 2008

Club Vivanet Agreement with Expert Financial Systems

Club Vivanet now has a Processing Services Agreement with Expert Financial Systems as announced in MarketWatch This means that they can now create their own prepaid debit cards, and other payment products services that are specific to them. They will be able to offer these services both within the U.S. as well as abroad. More specifically they will have the ability to support MNC’s with internet banking in terms of using debit cards as an “alternative payment method.”

Club Vivanet will also be providing prepaid debit cards as well as other products for fundraising and non profit organizations through, and

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1 comment:

CVMG1969 said...

We have been working with Club Vivanet on creating fund raising prepaid debit cards and the service we have received has been excellent. They are one of the only companies out there that can provide our affiliate non-profits internationally with the prepaid debit card we need. I am also a distributor in an international MLM company in which they provide the debit card for and unlike other cards I have had - Club Vivanet's works great.