Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Indigo Solutions introduces a currency card

Yesterday, we reported that World First believes that currency cards could be the next big thing for travelers instead of travelers checks. Others are on the prowl to capture this market as well. Indigo Solutions and Alliance and Leicester Commercial Bank have teamed up to introduce their own foreign currency card, the Indigo Travel Card. The card can be loaded in either euros or dollars. They're introducing it for the holidays, selling the card as a way for holiday tourists to organize their money.

The Director of Prepaid Cards at Alliance & Leicester Commercial Bank, James Le Brocq said about the new currency card:

“Prepaid cards not only offer users all the benefits of a debit card but are an ideal solution for consumers who want to keep close control of their finances or who want an alternative form of payment to their usual bank account or credit card. The Indigo Travelcard can be of great benefit to anyone needing foreign currency, removing some of the barriers often associated with travellers cheques, lost or stolen currency or fraudulent use of credit cards when abroad.”

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