Monday, September 8, 2008

New options from Springbok Services

As reported at All Pay News, they’re introducing a new type of prepaid card to allow corporate clients better access to prepaid cards to promote their organization. Their new service will allow the company to effectively promote the organizations they want as well as strengthen the branding among target audiences.

These new cards will only be able to be redeemed at predetermined locations as decided by the client, sending funds to specific locations. This new corporate card adds to the well rounded services already provided by Springbok Services which include program development, card fulfillment, transaction processing and recording.

Sarah Grotta, the executive vice president of business development at Springbok Services had this to say about the new card:

“Unlike other prepaid card programs, Springbok’s private label cards give our clients’ exclusive branding and controlled redemption options. These advantages channel measurable results for myriad corporate brand awareness activities, such as marketing campaigns and incentive programs. Springbok’s private label cards can increase clients’ revenues and at the same time enhance loyalty among customers. This is a powerful approach to positively motivate behavior.”

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