Monday, November 24, 2008

Giftcard survey released

Last week, Chase announced the results of a survey that included 850 American adults, and it revealed that gift cards continue to stay popular. Nine out of the ten respondents had either bough tor received a gift card within the past 12 months.

Other interesting findings included:

- Typically, consumers spent more than the amount of the gift card when they are redeemed, with 85 percent adding an average of $17.70 out of their own wallets.
- Gift card buyers who purchased a gift card within the past 12 months bought 4.7 cards for others, in addition to two cards for themselves.
- 82 percent of users said that a discount for the purchaser's use when buying the gift card would make them somewhat or much more likely to purchase gift cards.
- Free specialized gift packaging for cards is a strong purchase motivator as well (61 percent)

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