Thursday, June 21, 2012

Prepaid: 10 Mobile Payments Infographics You Should View Today

Covering the mobile payments beat, we've tracked down 10 great infographics we think might be useful for the Prepaid industry:

1. An overview of the 5 Main Types of Mobile Payments:

The most important mobile payment infographic. Ever.
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2. Mobile Payments Forecast

via mobinable

3. Will NFC Technology Drive Mobile Payments Initiatives?

via bostinno
4. The Value of Mobile Payments


5. Global Trends

via Gigaom

6.  Market Size

via Mobinable

7. The Mobile Payment Revolution vis a vis Processing

via Onlinemarketing-trends
8. Who's who is the contactless space

via Mobilefiblog

9. Demographics

via Onlinemarketing-trends

10. A retrospective of payment  transaction throughout history

via  Paylane

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1 comment:

John Dalgish said...


Thanks a lot, infographics always come in handy for showing information. I’ve seen some on the net and talked about them, but I had never seen those you regrouped here.

Again, thanks a lot.