Tuesday, August 4, 2015

What is on your summer reading list?

The dog days of summer are here, there is no denying it. Are you looking for that next summer read to get your mind off the heat? Then take a look back at the wealth of knowledge that was to be had at APEX 2015 by re-reading the Executive Summary. There is no better time than now to refresh yourself on what was discussed.

This exclusive report features key insights and analysis from APEX, along with detailed coverage of specific presentations and panels from the conference.


  • The future of payments will be device, platform and location-agnostic. Retailers are scrambling to wrap their brains around the options, but the nature of POS transactions will most definitely change dramatically in just the next couple of years as mobile technologies bundle POS, marketing, shopping, customer engagement and data collection seamlessly. 
  • Cryptocurrencies may reach an adoption tipping point sooner than expected and with a profound impact on multiple financial service categories and industries, most notably by driving a low-to-no-cost peer-to-peer payments revolution. 
  • Competition to capture the patronage of the massive un- and under-banked populations of the world (including those in wealthy First World markets) will occupy the attention of established players and start-ups alike as technology knocks down barriers to access. 

Download the executive summary now to learn more and see what the buzz was about.

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