Thursday, June 26, 2008

FNDS3000’s Integration with Bankserv Allows for More Access to ATMs

This latest article in Banking Business Review reports that FNDS3000, a financial services company that supplies prepaid cards and debit cards, has finalized its integration with Bankserv thus allowing for more access to different ATMs across South Africa.

A bank identification number for FNDS3000 has been loaded to all South African Banks so that nearly all FNDS3000 cards can be used at all ATMs.. Victoria Vaksman, Executive VP of FNDS3000 mentions

"This integration and intensive testing with six different banks allows us now to offer to our customers prepaid cards which can be used at any ATM in the country. This is a very important milestone which allows our company to become an important player in the South African financial sector market"

South African cardholders can now look forward to having instant easy access to cash.

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