Thursday, March 12, 2009

Keynote Address: Demonstrating the Business Case for Corporate Citizenship

Alpesh Chokshi, President, Global Prepaid, American Express Company

Here are a few points from his presentation.

Alpesh discusses how now is the perfect time to invest in innovation initiatives with prepaid. As a result Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is now more important than ever because of economic conditions. It is an opportunity to demonstrate to customers an offering of safety, security, and control.

Alpesh then discussed various examples from American Express and their use of CSR. He described the “Make Mine A $ Million Business” that has offered small business owners the tools such as marketing, back-office support, and strategies to help grow their business. In time one in four participants were able to bring their business to reach one million dollars in revenue . In another example American Express, as the largest travel agency in the world, has worked with several partners across the world to invest in and help preserve tourist attractions that are often neglected and in disrepair.

Going even further, Alpesh made two major announcements on behalf of American Express
1. That American Express would begin converting their cards to recyclable materials from standard plastic
2. The launch of "Gift Cards 101" – A program to support the entire prepaid industry to help educate consumers on all aspects of using prepaid cards

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