Thursday, March 12, 2009

Thank You to Everyone For Making the 2009 Prepaid Expo USA a Success!

Each year the team strives very hard to create a great experience for all of the attendees at the conference. We seek out remarkable and timely speakers, intent on bringing you presentations on the issues and challenges the Prepaid industry is dealing with. This year we especially focused on creating a broader community of Prepaid professionals who would not only benefit from the experience at the conference, but be able to continue and share perspectives and ideas throughout the year.

We feel that the 2009 Prepaid Expo has achieved this, and we hope those of you who attended, or followed us here on the blog, through our event site, our LinkedIn group or on twitter, will continue the discussions and idea-sharing that was fundamental to the overall experience of the conference.

Finally, our Conference Director, Keith Kirkpatrick, took a few moments during the closing hours of the conference to share his final thoughts:

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