Thursday, March 12, 2009

Track Session: Analyzing the Benefits and Challenges of Utilizing a Platform-As-A-Service Model in Prepaid

Anil D. Aggarwal, Chairman and CEO, Txvia

Anil begins the presentation by discussing how companies like eBay, Google, Facebook, and Amazon conduct fundamental business practices. Txvia has utilized these same principles and practices to prepaid card processing.

Anil mentions that there is a 3rd leg to the payments stool.

Prepaid industry has a wide spectrum of products
- Consumers now want more personalized products
- Vertical market applications
- Marketing, sales, and distribution channels
- Different geographic markets

Some of the principles adopted by companies like Facebook and eBay which can also be adopted for prepaid processing:
- The market is not only defined by the masses but now also by market of niches
- Teams and 3rd parties need to collaborate to help manage complexity and co-create value
- Think in terms of being a “platform” and not a “product”

Anil then passes the presentation on to Anne, also from Txvia, where she goes over sample models and sample IDE Development screens from their core offerings.

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