Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Tips on How to Beat the Flunctuating Pound with Prepaid Cards

The pound which has plummeted against all major currencies this past year has added extra costs incurred by UK business travelers. According to this article on TimesOnline, the best way to cope with this dilemma is by loading prepaid debit cards with dollars or euros when the exchange rate is favorable. Some of the better known prepaid cards that are supplied by the exchange companies are Caxton FX and FairFX.

Mark Bodega, marketing director of HiFX offers this advice before shopping for a prepaid card,“It is worth shopping around before deciding on a prepaid card. Some levy a fee every time you spend, either a percentage of the amount or a flat fee per transaction. If you make a high number of small purchases, go for a percentage fee; for fewer but higher-value purchases go for a set fee.”

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