Monday, March 12, 2012

Live from Prepaid Expo 2012: Arriana Huffington on How to be a Game Changer

Our final keynote today on Innovation in Prepaid, Arianna Huffington, President & Editor in Chief of the HUFFINGTON POST MEDIA GROUP, presented How to be a game changer.

Galileo could have never predicted all the changes into the world today. Innovators are relentless in their passion, in their pursuits. Very often the obstacles are not just external, many times they are internal.

She launched a blog for the brightest minds to get their views online in real time at a time when people didn't understand what a blog was or what it was for. The vision was to create a platform for people to express themselves in an easy conversational way. She moderated comments in the beginning, to ensure a civilized conversation and aggregated content. 

Innovators don't need to reject the "old" to flip an industry on its head.

Her detractors would ask why would you risk failure, you are a published author. The internet is a young person's game. Meanwhile her mother often used to say failure is a stepping stone to success. She listened. Her first book was rejected by 36 publishers.

Once you find success, you still have to constantly iterate, otherwise you succeed and then you stagnate. You need to keep evolving. Companies often fail because they don't change enough. They stick to the same strategies which gained them success in the past but times and technology constantly change.

Valerie M. Russo is a Senior Social Media Strategist at IIR USA with a technology, anthropology, marketing and publishing business acumen.  She will be attending Prepaid Expo USA 2012 and covering the event live via Twitter and the Prepaid Expo Blog. She is a published poet and also maintains a literary blog. She may be reached Follow her @Literanista.

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