Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Live from Prepaid Expo 2012: Evolving Your Marketing & Product - and How the Game is Changing for Every Industry

Jeffrey Hayzlett, former Chief Marketing Officer & Vice President, EASTMAN KODAK, Best Selling author, “The Mirror Test" and "Running Gauntlet" presented the Prepaid Expo 2012 branding Keynote today.

He talked about adapting or dying and what happened at Kodak: They didn't change. They wanted to protect the profit margins of products that were doing well and in that process just stagnated. They forgot they made emotional technology, they forgot to drive change.

Jeffrey Hayzlett on stage at Prepaid Expo 2012

You're not in the Prepaid industry. You're in the change industry. Be an agent of change. Two types of Change agents: Those who do nothing and...

Clock changers: Actually changes the clocks that everyone else complains about being off. Problem solvers. Cheerleaders who reinforce goals, who seamless operate between departments and divisions.

Reasons we fail to innovate:
1. Fear
2. Tension
3. Radical Transparency
4. Risk
5. Promises

Don't forget your customers own your brand, you are just the shepherd.

Valerie M. Russo is a Senior Social Media Strategist at IIR USA with a technology, anthropology, marketing and publishing business acumen.  She will be attending Prepaid Expo USA 2012 and covering the event live via Twitter and the Prepaid Expo Blog. She is a published poet and also maintains a literary blog. She may be reached atvrusso@iirusa.com. Follow her @Literanista.

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