Thursday, March 8, 2012

Test Drive an Expert: Amir Wain, i2c, Inc

Amir Wain is the CEO of i2c, Inc., he will be our featured expert on the topic of  Mobile, Processing at the 7th Annual Prepaid Expo, taking place this year in Las Vegas, Nevada, on March 12-13, 2012, where attendees will have the opportunity to schedule one-on-one meetings with Amir and other experts from an array of Prepaid specialties.

We had a chance to connect with Amir before we head out to Las Vegas next week. Here is what he told us:

What are the most pressing issues/trends in your subject area that prepaid professionals should consider and/or watch closely in the coming year?

1. Prepaid is much more than GPR or payroll cards; it is now a platform for payments innovation.

2. The global growth of prepaid will accelerate as companies take advantage of the vast untapped opportunities in markets outside the US

3. In the area of emerging and mobile payments, we will hear much more about user experience and innovations in POS infrastructure as opposed to breakthroughs in enabling technologies such as NFC.

What are the 3 most commonly asked questions/concerns you hear from clients?

1. What should be my mobile strategy?
2. What are the roles and responsibilities of various players in the value chain?
3. When I ask a capability question – every processor says yes; how do I select a processor?

What is/are the most common mistake(s) and oversight(s) people make in the prepaid space related to your area of specialization? 

1. Companies get lured by the sex appeal of “mobile” without thinking through all the details

2. Try to replace plastic with mobile without rethinking the product, work flows and how to leverage the advantages of this amazing device called mobile that all of us carry.

3. Focus on point solutions rather than a long-term product strategy.  

The typical discussion goes as follows:

Prospect: Do you have a mobile solution?
i2c: For what exactly?
Prospect: You know, a phone-based mobile solution.
i2c: For cardholder account access? For text alerts? Mobile wallet? Or for a loyalty and/or rewards program? How do you plan to use it?
Prospect: All of it, I guess? I'm starting a new business, and mobile is going to be the future.

About Amir:

Amir Wain is a pioneer in the prepaid card industry. He founded Innovative Private Limited, a software-development firm, in 1987 and led the development of the transaction processing platform FastCash. Propelled by the success of Innovative and expanding market opportunities, Wain founded i2c Inc. in 2001 and with his team, launched My Card PlaceSM (MCP), i2c’s customizable, feature-rich card processing platform. Under Wain, i2c has introduced a number of prepaid industry firsts, including its Campaign Manager, Giftogram and i-Coupons products.

He introduced the term “Prepaid2.0” to describe the change in mindset that embraces previously underserved cardholders as valuable customers and leads to comprehensive and flexible lifestyle products that incorporate value-added services and foster customer loyalty. At i2c, Wain continues to develop his vision with strategies to meet the needs of the evolving prepaid marketplace

Test Drive a  Mobile, Processing Expert 

You can schedule a meeting with Amir Wain at Prepaid Expo here, if you need help determining how to navigate and participate strategically in mobile and online options for your company.

To register, visit
Call: 1 888-670-8200                

* Please mention your priority code when registering to save $100 off the standard and onsite rate: XU2548BLOG.

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